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Bid process and Successful bidding

■Bid process

Please check the listed Koi on the "Auction Top" page. Once you find a suitable Koi click the bid button.
A maximum bid can be set by entering the amount you are willing to pay and if it is the highest bid at the time of bidding, you will become the highest bidder.
The system will only bid up to the amount required to become the highest bidder.

①Click the Bid button
This will take you to "Bid" page.
Bid buttons can be found on both the "Auction Top" page and on the "details" page on individual koi.

Click the [+] [-] buttons on the "Bid" page to determine the maximum amount you want to bid.
On the "Bid" page the amount presented initially will be the current maximum bid and the amount of the bid units.
Click the [+] [-] buttons to increase or decrease the bid amount.The amount will incease and decrease by the preset bid units.

  • The bid units are fixed by the amount of Koi's current price.

Once you have decided on the amount, click the "Bid Confirmation" button to proceed to the "Bid Confirmation" page.

The bid unit is set by the current price of Koi.

Current price
Bid unit
¥0 - ¥9,999 ¥5,000
¥10,000 - ¥99,999 ¥5,000
¥100,000 - ¥999,999 ¥10,000
¥1,000,000 - ¥9,999,999 ¥100,000
¥10,000,000 - ¥99,999,999 ¥1,000,000
¥100,000,000 - ¥999,999,999 ¥10,000,000

【Automatic time extension】

This site uses automatic time extensions.
If the "current price" rises 5 minutes before the set end time for the koi,the end time will be extended by 5 minutes.
If the price goes rises again a further 5 minite extension will be added. This will continue until no further bids are entered.

③Bid Confirmation
Please confirm the bid amount on the "Bid Confirmation" page. Once the desired amount is set click the [Confirm Bid] button.
Once confirmed the system will automatically bid up to the maximum set amount.

  • Automatic bidding explained
    Automatic bidding means the system will bid on your behalf up to the maximum set. It will only bid the amount required for you to become the highest bidder.
    If your bid is challenged it will then proceed to bid up to your maximum set amount.
【When bidding on an auction without other bidders】

Enter a maximum bid. If another person bids the automatic bidding system will automatically bid up to the highest bid required.
If no other bids are entered the current price (starting price) will be the winning bid.

【When bidding on an auction with other bidders】

The system will automatically bid until the price reaches either the opponent's highest bid or your highest bid.

  • Until your bid exceeds the other persons maximum bid, you will not know their maximum bid.
    If your bid amount does not exceed the other bidders maximum,the page will return to the "bid" page to update your bid.
    If it exceeds their maximum bid,your will be the highest bid and you will be taken to the "Bid Complete" page.

④Updating your bid
This is the chance to bid again.
Decide the maximum bid amount and click confirm.

If don't wish to bid further, please click the [Cancel] button.


The watchlist allows you to favorite the Koi that you are interested in and have them appear on your "watchlist" page for viewing at any time.
You can select Koi by clicking the [Watch] button,once selected the button will switch to the [Unwatch] button.
You can cancel it by clicking the [Unwatch] button. .

■Bid canceling

It is important to note that once a bid is entered it cannot be cancelled.

■Successful bid

Once an auction completes, if you are the highest bidder, you will win the auction.
Successful bid completed auctions will be displayed on the "Successful bid list" page found under the "my page" tab.
If you are the successful bidder in an auction, we will contact you by your registered e-mail address.

■Azukari of Koi after a successful bid

We will consult with you in relation to the shipping date of the Koi if required.
If the Koi doesn't state "Azukari" as an option in priciple we cannot provide maintainence for this Koi for upcoming Koi Shows etc.
If you wish to have "Azukari" provided for a Koi that is listed as "No Azukari", please contact us by email or phone before bidding.
"Azukari" does not provide any guarantees, protections or renumeration in the unfortunate event the Koi dies in our care.
*If a Koi is sold with as a female and is found to be male, a full refund will be provided.